Welcome to Merrillville Adult Education High School Credit Information Page
    SUMMER 2011 SemesterClasses will start June 13th, and end July 25th. (6 weeks)  

    Registration for High School Credit classes is Tuesday, June 7th or Wednesday, June 8th from 6:00-8:00P.M. Entrance F of Merrillville High School.

    FEES: Still registered in a High School? $150 per credit. Not registered High School? $30 per credit and $25 per semester registration fee. 

    Fees are due at registration. We accept Cash, Credit Cards and checks with proper ID.

    Office Number (219) 650-5310

    Summer 2011 Semester Schedule 

    Monday through Thursday  3:00 to 5:30 P.M.

    Math Lab

    Science Lab

    Consumer Economics


    English 11 A & B

    U.S. History Lab (I,II,III)



    Monday through Thursday  5:40 to 8:10 P.M.

    Math Lab

    Science Lab

    U.S. Government


    English 12 A & B

    U.S. History Lab (I,II,III)



    We have also added On-Line Credit Recovery Classes, with 50 courses available. Please call the office at (219) 650-5310 or see your school counselor. 

    You can also  click HEREfor further details about On-Line Courses


    PLATO Lab Courses

    Summer,  2011

    Plato Lab and ON-LINE Courses

    English 9 S1 & S2
    English 10 S1 & S2
    English 11 S1 & S2
    English 12 S1 & S2
    Pre-Algebra S1 & S2
    Algebra 1 S1 & S2
    Algebra 2 S1 & S2
    Geometry S1 & S2
    Biology S1 & S2
    Chemistry S1 & S2
    Physical Science S1 & S2
    Life Science S1 & S2
    Basic American History 1 S1 & S2
    Basic American History 2 S1 & S2
    American History 1 S1 & S2
    American History 2 S1 & S2
    World History S1   & S2
    Geography S1 & S
    Civics S1 & S2
    U.S. Government S1 & S2
    Economics S1 & S2
    Art Appreciation and History
    Computer Applications
    Career and Life Skills (Work Study Credit)
    GQE/ECA Math
    GQE/ECA English


    •You must register for classes in person at Merrillville High School (Enter through Entrance F).

    Registration fees must be paid in full at the time of registration.
    •Classes are subject to cancellation if enrollment is not sufficient.

    June 7th and June 8th from 6:00-8:00 p.m.,  Entrance F at Merrillville High School. 
    IIndividuals at least 16 ( not enrolled in a regular day school) and under 18 years of age must provide an exit interview from the last school attended. Any student planning on receiving a Merrillville Adult Education diploma must provide an official transcript and ISTEP scores from the last school they attended. If you continue to be enrolled in regular day school, you must bring the completed registration form with the authorized signature from your counselor or principal.

Last Modified on May 12, 2011