Supply List

Posted by Jessica Tassone on 7/17/2012



Dear Parents,

Below is a list of supplies required for fourth grade. Perhaps this summer you’ll find a sale and this list will help you with your purchase:

1.      24 # 2 pencils (more is always helpful).

2.      2 packages of lined white or recycled wide rule paper

3.      1 package of Red ballpoint pens.

4.      2 boxes of crayons (24 count)

5.      Scissors – handles may be plastic, but not cutting edge.

6.      Ruler – one edge should be standard and the other metric measure.

7.      4 boxes of 100 tissues or larger (these will be used throughout the entire school year).

8.      2 folders with two pockets. Label: HOME – SCHOOL.

9.      1 package of colored pencils (Mrs. Sapyta/Mrs. Tassone)

10.  1 package of colored markers (Mr. Polites/Mrs. Walton)

11.  Blue or Black ink pens.

12.  1 package of expo/dry erased markers assorted colors.

13.  2 large bags of assorted, individually wrapped candy to be passed out throughout the year as students earn treats (Mrs. Walton/Mrs. Tassone)

14.  2 glue sticks.

15.  2 composition note books to be used for daily journaling and letter writing. (Mrs. Sapyta/Mr. Polites/Mrs. Tassone)

16.  4 composition note books to be used for daily journaling and letter writing (Mrs. Walton)

17.  2 box of large zip lock bags.

18.  2 wide rule spiral notebooks (Mrs. Sapyta/Mrs. Tassone)

19.  2 permanent black markers/Sharpie (Mrs. Tassone)

20.  1 container of Wet Ones Wipes  (Mrs. Tassone)


 Fieler Fourth Grade Teachers



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