ISSMA District 2014 results

Forty-five MHS Choir students participated in the ISSMA District Solo and Ensemble contest at Munster High School last Saturday.  Merrillville choir brought home 18 gold solos, eight silver solos, 6 gold ensembles and 1 silver ensemble totalling 106 gold and 12 silver medals overall.

Six of those silver soloists missed gold by one point or less.

 Gold medals in Division One Solo that qualified for state include:  Will Akins, Sarah Bradash, Lacy Bridgeman, Waymon Cruse, Cassie Govert, Cherise Higgins, Cynthia Hindmon, Shelby Holden,  Cassidy Koontz,  Elaija Mayo, RaShawn Mills, Leanne Powell, Kiera Shackelford, Quanisha Vaughan, and Wynonna Wagonblast.  Other gold medal solos went to Kiarah Gamble and Yolanda Kelly. 

  Silver medals were awarded to Brittany Edmond, Rebekah Mongold, Nigel Moore, Elijah Ray, Jacob Reinhart, Toni Smith, Valencia Smith, and Hope Wagonblast.

  Gold rated ensembles were Choralteens Purple, Choralteens White, Choralteen Women, Vocalteen Men, Merrillville Seniors and the Shackelford girls.  The Wagonblast ensembles received a silver medal.



 Perfect “9” scores on solos were received by Leanne Powell and Quanisha Vaughn.  Near perfect 9.5 was Cherise Higgins, Cassidy Koontz and Elaija Mayo.