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    Academic Decathlon is a rigorous academic competition where students compete in ten events after months of study. Each year a theme is picked out by the coordinators of academic decathlon, and the ten events revolve around that theme. Categories include art, music, language and literature, math, economics, science, super quiz, speech, essay, and interview. Students prepare all year with a binder of materials to master the material. It is our belief here at Merrillville High School that Academic Decathlon is a great competition that fosters a love for learning. Students spend a great amount of time studying material that will not directly help their GPA, but they do it because they enjoy the concept of bettering themselves.

    Merrillville High School has a rich tradition of placing well at the state level. After placing second at the inaugural meet, it has constantly placed well at the state meet for many years. This site is designed to help people become more familiar with the Merrillville Academic Decathlon team. It includes information about the team and the year's events.

    Please contact Mr. and Mrs. Sonnenberg with any questions you have regarding the site.