• PBIS is pleased to announce the
    January and  February Teachers of the Month.  
    Teachers play an important role in the lives of children, families and communities. Each month, we will recognize outstanding teachers at Merrillville High School and highlight her/his achievements. 

    May MHS Teachers of the Month

    Bruce Curme 

    Mr. Curme works hard to help get the students in ScienceOlympiad prepared for the competition. He encourages students to do their best.

    Bruce always helps other teachers out when needed.

    Cheryl Austin 

    Ms. Austin is always here going the extra mile. She helpedcoach science olympaid, she is sophomore class sponsor, she helps with theThespian Troop and Drama Boosters. She wants to see our students succeed.

    Cheryl works hard trying to create engaging lessons that will help the students grasp the standards needed to pass the class.



    April MHS Teacher of the Month

    Paul Underfranz

    Mr. Unterfranz continuously goes above andbeyond for his students as well as his colleagues. He is a tremendous asset tothe English department as well as Merrillville High School.

    Paul goes above and beyond to build positive relationships with is students. He has dedicated a great deal of time to being the senior class sponsor which takes a lot of time and effort.

    Tom Mackey
    (Performing Arts)

    I know Tombest via my parent role as the 4-year President of the Drama Boosters. I haveworked with 2 of his predecessors, so I have a basis for comparison of hiseffectiveness with students, with others. We just returned from the IndianaState Thespian Festival, which is the State-level competition students competein a wide variety of events. Not only did we have a higher level ofparticipation than we have had in my 4 years of chaperoning (28), we won moreawards than we ever have in acting, musical theatre, and technical events thanwe ever have won. Additionally, one of our students won 2 scholarships andanother was recognized as the MHS Outstanding Senior. I am nominating Tom, notbecause of the awards that were won, but because of his exceptional ability toinspire, motivate and lead our students to push their comfort zones and reachfor excellence in all that they do!! MHS is fortunate to have such a dedicatedand passionate theatre director, and I am happy to nominate Tom Mackey for"Teacher of the Month".

    I have worked very closely with Mr. Mackey as the Thespian Troupe Booster President (as a parent) for the past 2 school years. I have watched him work diligently to professionalize the Troupe, and to inspire our students to seek growth opportunities whenever possible. This year at the State Thespian Festival at the U of Indy, our Troupe won more recognition than we have in the previous 3 years, combined. He sets high expectations for student performance (whether on the stage or behind it), and our students have risen to meet and/or exceed them! Mr. Mackey works tirelessly in support of our students, and he is very deserving of this prestigious award!

      Teachers of the Month sponsored by:  Chili's 
    Criteria for Selection: 
    1.  Excellence in the Classroom engaging instructional practices that advance students to higher levels of  academic
    2.  Motivation having the ability to motivate and encourage students to advance past their expectations both academically
                                                       and socially. 
    3.  Leadership serving as a positive role model for students in the classroom, and throughout the school. 
    4.  Creativity and Imagination – demonstrating creativity and imagination and teaching in a way that inspires
                                                                                                          students to learn.
    5.  Dedication showing excellent attendance, punctuality and a desire to see students advance. 
    6.  Communication communicating articulately to their classrooms, colleagues and beyond.
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