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    Clifford Pierce Middle School

    The Merrillville Community School Corporation is proud to announce that we will be using a new food services point of sale system this year in all of our schools. The new system will help us dramatically improve the lunch related services we provide to students and their parents throughout the school corporation.

    As before, parents can continue to make deposits to a student's lunch account using the Internet, a Web Browser, and a credit or debit card.

    The new Web address to make lunch deposits is Send Money to School.

    Parents will need to "SIGN UP" the first time they use the system in order to create a new account. Once the application is approved (about 24 hours) by our food services staff, parents will be able to make deposits to a student's accounts (using a debit or credit card), view their child's lunch activities, etc. Instructions for using the system are provided online at the above URL. Parents will need to know their student's ID number when requesting the new account. This information is available from the student's registration packet or from their schedule. For other information and help about using LunchDeposit.com, just click on the FAQ.

    We encourage parents to use the online deposit system, which will dramatically reduce the time required to serve lunch as well as permit students to have lunch without having to carry cash.

    Effective immediately the system we used last year is no longer being used and we ask parents to not make deposits using the old system. Please use Send Money to School to make all future deposits.


    Of course, the cafeterias will continue to accept cash or checks for student lunches as well. When using a check please be sure to include your driver's license number on the check and the checks should be made payable to MCSC. If you are sending cash for multiple days to be put on a student's account, please place the money in a sealed envelope with child's name, teacher, and amount on the outside. This will protect you and your child.


    There has been an increase in school lunch prices this year due to the increase in fuel. The new prices are as follows:

    1. Merrillville High School - $1.90
    2. Pierce Middle School: Breakfast - $1.60; Lunch - $2.40
    3. Merrillville Intermediate School - $1.70
    4. Merrillville Elementary Schools - $1.70
    5. Adults - $2.50