• Read To Succeed Required Reading Program

    Recognizing that the amount of time spent in recreational reading is a predictor of students' academic success, the Merrillville Community School Corporation has adopted a corporation-wide required reading program.  All students are required to read and pass tests to accumulate a certain number of points.    Students are required to achieve 70% or higher on the corresponding computer book quiz to receive credit for the book.  The number of points received will determine the student's letter grade that will be listed on the report card each trimester.

    Students will take a Scholastic Reading Inventory test each year.  The test consists of a series of short passages the student is required to read, and then they will complete fill-in-the-blank sentences. This test takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. Students then receive a lexile score. A lexile score is a measurement that is used to assess the student’s reading ability and to help students find books at an appropriate reading level. Students will have an opportunity to take an SRI test at least two to three times each school year. 

    Students will be able to a print out a recommended reading list after they take their SRI test. The books on the list will be within their lexile range and based on interests they selected before beginning the test. Students can also print out a new reading list each time they log onto the Reading Counts program to test on a book. 

    Although students' know their current lexile score, they may always test on book titles based on the parameters below. Parents may also login to RDS Parent Access to see their student's latest SRI score. 


    Students may test on non-fiction books or picture books (K-6 only) 50 points below their lexile.

    Students may also test on chapter books at:

    2nd Grade

    200+ or other books at the discretion of the teacher

    3rd Grade


    4th Grade


    5th – 6th Grades


    7th – 8th Grades  


    9th – 12th Grades  


    *Teacher discretion may also be used to determine books for students based on the students’ interests and reading level. All books found on the Young Hoosier and Eliot Rosewater lists may be tested upon regardless of the lexile level.

    All book assessments must be completed no later than five days prior to the end of the trimester in order for the students to receive credit.

    High school students will receive one credit upon their completion of 192 points. 

    Grading Scale

    The number of cumulative points required for each trimester is listed below:  


    2nd – 4th Grades

    10 points per trimester

    All 2nd grade students will begin receiving grades during the second trimester, even though they will be reading and testing in their classrooms during the first trimester.

    5th – 8th Grades

    12 points per trimester

    9th - 12th Grades 

    16 points per trimester

    A Student's POINTS WILL RESET TO 0

    K – 6th Grades

    Each trimester (Points accumulated over the summer months will count toward the first trimester.)

    7th – 12th Grades

    Each year (beginning in June)

    A student’s final testing percentage of the SRC tests each trimester will be figured into their reading (K-6) / English (7-12) grade.

    Students that do not complete their RSRR will not be eligible for the honor roll in grades K-6. (First year for this at MIS) 

    For more information go to: www.mvsc.k12.in.us/media