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    It is the philosophy of the Mathematics Department of Merrillville High School to offer students the opportunity to study mathematics beginning at his/her current level of understanding through the study of calculus.  The mission of the Mathematics Department is to provide the means for students to develop their mathematical potential to the highest possible level, developing in every student an understanding of mathematics that last a lifetime, growing to meet the changing demands of society, and providing opportunities for academic and vocational growth.   

    A recommended college preparatory mathematics sequence should include Algebra I, Honors or Plane Geometry, College Algebra or Algebra II, Trigonometry/Analytic Geometry or Math Analysis and AP Calculus.  The tech-prep or non-college bound student may follow a mathematics sequence as follows:  Pre-Algebra or Business Math (Business Dept.), Applied Math I, Informal Geometry, and Applied Math II.  The Curriculum Course Guide lists RECOMMENDED math sequences based on the grades that the student achieved in the prerequisite courses.  A minimum of two years of Math will be sufficient for high school graduation, providing the Fundamental Skills requirement is satisfied.   Starting with the class of 1998, students must successfully complete 3-4 years of college preparatory math to be considered for admission to Indiana's four year colleges.

    In the Mathematics Department, student learning is enhanced and supported by an experienced, knowledgeable as well as fully-certified staff.  The staff is dedicated to investigating and implementing innovative teaching techniques by attending such workshops as Tech. Prep., cooperative learning, "hands on" math, integrated learning, etc.   In order to prepare students for a productive role in society, the staff has placed an emphasis on problem solving with integrated math concepts.  The Math Department staff takes pride in the positive feedback received from colleges stating the high percentage of MHS students that "test out" of math courses.  Each year many advanced students also receive AP credit.  Finally, our math students excel in contests such as the Indiana University Northwest Calculator Contest.

Last Modified on April 16, 2010