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    As of 2013 under Indiana state law, all students are required to take the PSAT assessment.  The PSAT, like the SAT assessment, is a comprehensive exam that is used to determine college and career readiness of students.  It is imperative that all students take this assessment seriously and perform to the best of their ability. 


    Through extensive data collection and “best teaching practices”, the English department at MHS has determined areas of weakness in student performance on this exam.  The following areas are in need of remediation: 

    1. Pronoun and Antecedent Agreement

    2. Author’s Craft, Tone, and Purpose

    3. Identifying Main Ideas

    4. Etymology (Word Roots) and Vocabulary Development


    Parents and Students,

    Should you feel the need to “sharpen” your skills in these areas on your own time, there are a variety of free online resources available to you.  A few of these resources are:



    -Students can read current articles in their lexile range.  Also, challenging questions are included with most articles.



                    -Students can use this website to identify and define SAT vocabulary.



    Finally, all students at MHS have access to free tutoring.  You may contact your English teacher for assistance or attend our English Clinic in the mornings before school.