• Art Department  

    The Art Department offers students the opportunity to learn skills, to discover their potential as individuals in creating works of value with their hands, to appreciate the beauty of the world around them and the work of others. They may use their art education for personal enjoyment and enrichment or as preparation for art as a career

    Each art claArt paintingss allows the student to engage in sequential learning experiences that encompass the following areas:

      • Art history, students search for meaning, significance, and direction from a variety of cultures and time periods.
      • Art criticism, students will learn (1) critically examining current works and artistic trends, (2) exploring the role of the art critic in society, and (3) exploring art criticism as a method of identifying strengths and limitations in student artwork. 
      • Aesthetics, students will learn about art by 1) attempting to respond to their personal questions about the nature of art, (2) reflecting on their own changing definitions of art, and (3) assessing their ideas and definitions in relation to art production in general. 
      • Production, at this level, students produce works for their portfolios that demonstrate a sincere desire to explore a variety of ideas and problems, and lead to the creation of portfolio quality works.

     Recommendations: It is strongly advised that all art students start with intro to 2D art.


Last Modified on April 20, 2012