• How can I help my child to succeed?
    • Be involved in their education
    • Check your child's grades weekly.... contact Miss Czuba @ 650-5307 ext. 7160, if you need help. 
    • Attend open house and conferences at their school. Meet your child's teachers (even high school teachers).
    • Make sure your child has a regular, quite place to to complete their homework. Your student should have homework every day. If they don't, check the RDS to check their current grades and work completion.
    • Regularly speak to your child about their future plans and goals. Help them to understand the choices they make today, will directly impact their future. 
    • Call or email Miss Czuba if you have any questions, concerns, or problems. You may send Miss Czuba email in English or Spanish. dczuba@mvsc.k12.in.us 
    • Keep your contact information current with the school district. If we do not have your current phone numbers, we cannot help you, to help your child be successful. If your number changes, call Mrs. Zerbe in the Guidance Office at 650-5307 ext. 7052.
    • Checkout the rest of of the parent corner resources.
    Updated 1/2015