• How do students get chosen to participate in the ENL Program?
    Simply put, no one is chosen. There is a standardized process that is used throughout the state of Indiana to insure that student are treated in a fair and equal manner. By law, every school district must follow the same procedure.
    • Every student must have a Home Language Survey filled out at registration.
    • If a student has no history of speaking another language, nor is there any other language spoken in the home, this student is done. Our registrar will verify the information provided by the parent with the state. If a student was reported as an LEP by a different district in the past, this will override the inaccurate Home Language Survey that was provided to the current school and the student will be referred to the ENL teacher.
    • If a student has spoken another language or there is another language is spoken in the home, their paperwork is sent to the ENL teacher.
    • The ENL teacher tests each new student with a state test called the WIDA Placement Test. If a student scores a Level 5, they are reported to the state as an FEP (Fluent English Proficient), and join the general education population and do not qualify for assistance. If they receive a Level 1-4, they are reported to the state as LEP (Limited English Proficient), and do qualify for assistance. These students are placed in an ENL class.
    • Student proficiency levels are monitored by the state and scores follow students from school to school, just like their ISTEP scores.
    Updated 1/2015