• Curriculum
    From trimester to trimester and groups of students, the tasks will vary. Our group contains students, grades 9-12, LAS Links Levels 1-4, so student instruction is differentiated, accordingly. Tasks will all revolve around the key WIDA areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Below are listed some of the areas we will cover in preparation for the ECA, WIDA testing, and to support other course study.
    • Speaking

    -clarity in pronunciation

    -tone and inflection


    • Listening

    -following verbal directions

    -listening to auditory passages and answering comprehension questions
    • Reading

    -literal comprehension


    -compare and contrast

    -cause and effect

    -inferential comprehension

    -literary terminology


    • Writing

    -comprehension questions in complete sentences

    -vocab/spelling student composed sentences

    -open ended response questions

    -quick writes

    -writing prompts

    -research papers




    Grading Scale

    A   = 96% - 100%                                         C    = 73% - 76%

    A-  = 90% - 94%                                           C-   = 70% - 72%

    B+ = 87% - 89%                                           D+  = 67% - 69%

    B   = 83% - 86%                                           D    = 63% - 66%

    B-  = 80% - 82%                                           D-   = 60% - 62%

    C+ = 77% - 79%                                           F    = Anything below 59%


    Late and Missed Work

    Incomplete work will not be accepted (See Assignment Guidelines). Late work will be reduced to half credit and will not be accepted after two days. Homework slips will be issued for students who do not complete their work. Incomplete assignments will result in detentions and office referrals (see student handbook pg. ?)



    Cheating will result in zero credit for that homework or test. Cheating is defined as using notes or an answer sheet during a test, looking at or copying someone else’s paper, or any talking during a test or quiz.


    Extra Help

    It is your responsibility to let me know that extra help is needed. Let me know ASAP, do not wait until the day of or the day before a test to ask for help.  We may be able to accomplish this in class or the student may arrange, with teacher to get a regular lunch pass. Students may go to the cafeteria, eat lunch, and then come to the E.N.L. room or bring a lunch from home and eat in the room while getting help. The E.N.L. room is open to any current E.N.L. students and Level 5 still working toward their second Level 5.


    Extra Credit

    A small amount of extra credit may occasionally be given, however it will not be much.  Students should not expect to fix a grade after having done little or nothing toward your assignments and tests.  Extra credit is only offered to the class as a whole, not to individual students.


    Extra Credit Opportunities that May Be Offered Throughout the Year


    • Exceeding the expectations on assignment, especially group projects, presentations, and research papers. Details will be given as opportunities arise.

    • Words with Friends (ap) – Download the free version of Words with Friends from iTunes and give Miss Czuba your handle and she will challenge you to an online game. Yes, there is a catch. Once the game has been completed, Miss Czuba will choose ten of your word and the student will be responsible for demonstrating understanding for each of these words by defining them and/or giving an example for each.

    • Bringing in Kleenex and Hand Sanitizer (only when the opportunity is given)
    • Extra blog entries. To be announced.
    Updated 1/2015