• The Beginning
    During the 2010-2011 school year a focus group of 12 students met on several occasions to solve some of the issues and difficulties that our special community faces. They methodically addressed each of these areas and then began a dialogue on how best to address them. As a part of this process, it was determined that a developing a student organization would best solve many of the logistical issues faced. This focus group developed a proposal and submitted it to the Merrillville Community Schools Administration and it was approved in the spring of 2011, to be launched in the fall of 2012.
    As a focus group, we were dreaming big. We had more ideas than we could possible do, especially in our first year. Below are listed some of the areas that we would like to address in our first year. Please read them over and see if this is a place where you can find community, friends, and fun. Our aim is to continue to dream big and see where it takes us.
    Student Generated
    Suggested Activities
    • Diversity                        
    • Encourage our classmates, of various backgrounds, to become a part of this club                       
    • Maintain cohesiveness of the ENL community
    • Social gatherings (game night, movie night, park, etc.)
    • Book Group – Read and discuss books together that we are unable to tackle on our own
    • Support one another through program transition and networking
    • Create a list of those students with various strengths or skills and share with the membership
    • Share personal experiences
    • Create our own ENL version of “We are Merrillville High”
    • Cultural experiences and dissemination
    • Visit a museum in Chicago, attend performance/event at Theatre at the Center in Munster, etc.
    • Experiencing other cultures through cuisine
    • Yes, we have made a list…Taste of India, Aladdin Pita (Arabian), Lucrezia (Italian), Gaucho (Brazillian), House of Kobe (Japanese), Warsaw Inn (Polish), Don Quijote (Spanish), Greek Gyro, TBA (Mexican), TBA Chinese, TBA on the Thai.
    • College and Career Preparation
    • College Visit w/Campus Tour
    • College and Scholarship Form Work Session


    Updated 8/2011