• Teacher Resources
    Welcome teachers! Well, you have probably ended up on this page because a student, who speaks little or no English, has appeared at your door and you have no idea what to do with them. I have compiled a number of resources to help you to make modifications that are required by his/her ILP (Individual Learning Plan). In the first couple of weeks of each trimester, I will send you a notification of your students, their levels, and the appropriate accommodations.
    Ideally, you will just need to do a little scaffolding. Most of the tips and strategies in the resources I have provided are quite useful for ENL students AND other struggling learners in your classes. They can help you out with your differentiated instruction.
    Top Quick Tips:
    • Speak slooooooowly. We all tend to speak quickly in our native language.
    • Speak clearly. Not loudly.
    • Avoid slang, metaphors, figurative language, etc.
    • Be short and explicit in your directions.
    • Let them use their approved Word to Word dictionaries.
    • Smile often and give them nonverbal positive reinforcement.


    Update 8/2011