• Vocabulary Presentations


    Use the following information sources to complete your presentations.

    ·        Vocabulary sheet

    ·        4 Corners or Word Maps

    ·        Dictionary

    ·        Thesaurus

    ·        Encyclopedia

    ·        Public Domain Images (not Google Images)

    ·        YouTube (must be pre-approved)


    Your assigned words may be presented in following formats:

    ·        Power Point

    ·        Pictures

    ·        Demonstrations

    ·        YouTube

    ·        Poster

    ·        Activity

    ·        Game

    ·        Etc. (must be pre-approved)


    Your presentation for each word must include:

    ·        The vocabulary word

    ·        The definition in words that everyone can understand

    ·        Clear real life examples

    ·        A visual representation (demonstration, picture, video, etc.)


    Requirements and Restrictions:

    ·        Be creative!!!

    ·        You must use multiple formats.

    ·        No more than 2 words per format, unless using multiple formats for the same word. (ex. For a group with 6 words: 2 words-Power Point, 1 word- Poster, 2 words-Demonstration, 1 word-Activity)

    ·        If word is presented in multiple formats, group may receive extra credit

    ·        Activities and games need to be okayed by Miss Czuba ahead of time 


    Presentation Day:

    ·        Power Points should be save in student X drive

    ·        If possible, Power Points should be done the day before and tested on another computer. (Be careful of saving files and links.)

    ·        Posters need to be complete before the bell rings

    ·        Demonstrations need to be practiced

    ·        Students should know who is supposed to say what before class begins


    During the Presentation:

    ·        Smile

    ·        Speak loudly

    ·        Speak clearly (no mumbling, putting your hands in front of your mouth, or biting nails)

    ·        FACE your audience

    ·        Try not to do the “potty dance”

    ·        Do not sit on the desks

    ·        Stand on both feet

    ·        Dressing up = Extra Credit

    Boys: Dress pants, a button down dress shirt, and dress shoes

    Girls: Dress pants or business appropriate length skirt (not short), dress shirt, and appropriate shoes (no gym shoes, flip flops or sandals)
    Updated 1/2015