• Sentences
    • General Assignment Guidelines (see below)
    • appropriately use word according to definition (no nonsense sentences)
    • all sentences must be in your own words. Do not copy any sentences or parts of sentences from the dictionary, web, etc. Copying is called plagiarism. It is against the law. In our class, plagiarism will earn you an F. 
    • underline vocabulary/spelling word
    • minimum of 7 words or more
    General Assignment Expectations
    • to be completely finished and neat
    • on loose-leaf (school ruled paper), no spiral or college ruled paper
    • headed correctly (according to example posted in classroom)
    • first and last given name on every assignment
    • English letters are made correctly
    • letters are made their appropriate size
    • letters are placed on the appropriately on or below the lines


    Updated 1/2015