• Welcome Parents
    Thank you for taking the time to learn more and help your child to be successful in their education. You are a vital part of your child's success. Please take an active role, even if your child is in high school. On this website, there are many resources for students and parent to improve their language skills and to prepare for college. Use these these resources to help your child and to help yourself, if you are still working on your language skills.
    Even if you are not able to help your student with their classwork you can help your student in very important ways.
    • learn the RDS system and check your student's grades, attendance, and discipline reports at least once per week
    • know who your student's teachers are and meet them at Parent/Teacher Conferences 
    • call or email your student's teachers with any questions. Click here to find MHS teacher phone numbers and emails.

    Updated 1/2015