• Miller School Picture Miller Elementary School is one of the five public schools serving elementary age youngsters in the Merrillville Community School Corporation. Opened in 1966, it serves the northwest corner of the corporation boundaries. An extensive renovation and upgrading of the facility was completed in 1992 and increased enrollment necessitated the addition of 6 new classrooms in 1996.

    The academic structure encompasses kindergarten through grade 4 in self-contained classrooms. In addition to the regular curriculum, students receive instruction in art, music, physical education, computers, and library. Special education students are included in the general classrooms where services are provided by personnel from the Northwest Indiana Special Education Cooperative (NISEC). An extensive Title I program supports language arts instruction in grades K - 4. A Social worker is available to students, parents, and school personnel on a part-time basis.

    The student enrollment is approximately 425 with wide ethnic, social, and economic representation. An English Learner (ELL) program for elementary students is located at Miller and provides an excellent opportunity for learning about different cultures.

    The faculty demonstrates an outstanding blend of experienced and new teachers working together to implement effective and innovative learning experiences for children. In addition, clerical, food service, custodial, transportation, and maintenance personnel provide essential services.