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    Parent Access is a web-based program that gives personalized student information, such as demographics, learning trends, testing data, student interests, learning preferences, and much more! Parent Access is available on the internet; allowing instant, but secured access. All users must have a unique and confidential password to access the site. Parents see information about their children only, and students see information about themselves.
     What is in Parent Access ?
    • Enrollment information
    • Grades – past and present
    • Attendance - past and present
    • Discipline - past and present
    • Student schedule – past and present
    • Emergency Information - View and Edit
    • District-wide assessment data- past and present 
    • Book Rental - View and Pay online
              ......and much more!
    How safe is Parent Access?
    • Parent Access is a safe as on-line banking.  It is equipped with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer). just like banks.
    • Every user has a unique password.
    • Parent Access information is encrypted. 
    • Social Security numbers are not displayed in Parent Access.
    • There is no 'screen memory' for Parent Access - you cannot hit the back button to return to a previous screen.  This ensures that the next person who uses the computer cannot hit 'back' and see another student's information.
    • The usage of Parent Access is monitored.  Merrillville Schools knows who is using Parent Access, what is being looked at, and from where it was accessed.
Last Modified on September 21, 2015