•  Media Services is selling Treasure Bags to help fund Merrillville Academic Teams.  What are they?  They are decorative bags filled with your choice of Pirate bears, rubber ducks, stuffed animals, healthy snacks and a card. Treasure Bags are available for sale in Media Services in "C" hallway.  Stop by to purchase something for a friend's birthday or other special occasion. These bags will be delivered 5th hour.


       Treasure Bag sales provide money to pay for all of the teams’ registration fees, shirts, learning materials and supplies, and when we have teams go on to state competitions we pay for the travel expenses, food, and housing.

     We now have academic teams at all eight Merrillville Schools!!

     The teams are Spell Bowl, M.A.T.H., Super Bowl, Science Olympiad, Decathlon, Technology Student Assoc. , Mock Trial, and F.C.C.L.A.

                        .50 cropped and priced  .75 cropped and priced                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1.00 cropped and priced                                                          bears ducks
Last Modified on March 12, 2015