At the crossroads of Northwest Indiana , the Merrillville Community School Corporation creates a hometown feeling in a metropolitan area.  This sprawling school community, nestled in comfortable neighborhood settings, offers attractive, well-maintained and safe schools and a comprehensive curriculum with state-of –the-art technology.  A wide range of educational programs and activities are equally available to all – from pre-schoolers to senior citizens.  Families are woven into a tapestry representing various ethnic, racial and religious traditions united by the common bond of seeking a quality education for the community.

    People feel a close connection to the school system due to the emphasis on communication.  Communication is the core that allows for a collaborative relationship among the school staff, parents and community.  These relationships foster and support the learning experiences that challenge each student at a level appropriate to the individual’s needs and interests.
    Merrillville has long enjoyed a reputation for the professional competence and character of its faculty, staff and administration.  The professional staff understands and accepts personal responsibility for achieving the mission of the school corporation.  The school system is committed to designing an organization of learning that seeks continuous improvement and quality, resulting in highest student achievement.

    Clearly written goals, aligned with rigorous academic standards, have been established that go far beyond the minimum standards, have been established that go far beyond the minimum standards required by the Indiana Department of Education.  These goals also focus on developing independent, life-long learners and responsible, productive citizens.

    Learning environments throughout the school corporation are energized by a sense of awe, curiosity, and enthusiasm generated by knowledgeable, caring adults who ignite and sustain the desire to learn.  Students are inspired by teachers who use a wide range of teaching methods to ensure that students are active learners.  Each student is motivated to take ownership for learning resulting in the mastery of basic skills, literacy in a wide range of subjects, and proficiency in the use of technology.

    Students are able to make intelligent academic, personal and career choices as a result of individual counseling and community-based learning opportunities.  Career exploration activities are provided through internships and mentoring with local business people, civic leaders and government officials.  Other interests are pursued through participation in curricular and co-curricular activities.  Upon graduation, students are then prepared to further their vocational and academic goals leading to productive and satisfying career choices.

    Parents are actively involved in the education of their children and have entered into a highly functional partnership with the schools.  The school system provides excellent communication to homes so that parents feel fully informed about their student’s educational plan and progress toward its fulfillment.  Exemplary programs are available to parents who seek more knowledge and skills related to effective responsible parenting.  Parents take responsibility for knowing and supporting school policies and classroom standards.  They establish and maintain high expectations for scholarship and citizenship.  Parents enthusiastically support their students in activities by attending school programs and events.  They further support the schools by working as volunteers in a wide variety of ways that enrich the school district’s capacity to provide opportunities for all its students.

    Citizens served by the Merrillville Schools take pride in the cultural diversity of their school community.  Individuals respect the heritage and traditions of the many groups living compatibly together.  People feel their school system provides equal opportunities for all, values everyone’s input, and is fair and just.

    The Merrillville Community School Corporation exists to uphold this vision.

    Mission Statement 

    The Merrillville Community School Corporation develops in students skills for independent learning, responsible citizenship, and productive employment; and it provides the community with educational, vocational, and recreational resources.


    1. Communicate effectively utilizing the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
    2. Understand and apply both practical and analytical concepts and skills in mathematics and science.
    3. Demonstrate higher-order thinking, goal-setting and problem-solving skills through analysis, synthesis, conceptual application and evaluation.
    4. Demonstrate honesty, respect for others, respect for property and respect for our environment.
    5. Demonstrate work habits such as punctuality, reliability, perseverance and good conduct essential for academic and employment success.
    6. Develop a positive self image.
    7. Engage in independent and cooperative learning activities.
    8. Understand and apply the rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship in a democracy.
    9. Understand and appreciate the importance of fine and practical arts.
    10. Exhibit a positive attitude toward lifetime fitness and wellness.
    11. Understand other cultures, both past and present, and the growing interdependence of all nations.
    12. Explore basic career processes involving aptitude/ability assessments; demonstrate skills necessary in utilization of career information services.
    13. Know and comprehend significant people, places, events and concepts associated with the development of the American political and economic system.
    14. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of research technology.
    15. Develop the ability to manage time effectively.
    16. Understand diversity and respect individual differences.

    1. Participate in programs designed to help parents support the intellectual, emotional, and physical development of their children.
    2. Provide a home environment which encourages student academic effort and achievement.

    1. Utilize school system resources for educational, vocational and recreational needs.
    2. Support school activities and provide assistance where needed in both academic and extra-curricular areas.