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    $450,000 Grant
    Merrillville Community School Corporation will be sharing a $450,000 federal Mathematics and Science Partnership grant administered by the Indiana Department of Education to enhance science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The grant helps partner school systems with higher education institutions to assist teachers in strengthening their STEM skills to help impact student academic performance. We are very excited about this new grant.

    'STEM'ing Out our Learning 


    Recently, our students have been actively participating in STEM projects here at Clifford Pierce Middle School. These STEM projects are utilized to raise student interest in the STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and math) that would include medical fields, engineering fields, and many others.    The STEM projects involve designing, finding out how to make improvements and then redesigning.  These projects are hands on activity based.


    Perfect Attendance Winners 


    Two students were drawn from a list of students who had perfect attendance, and they received tablets! Keep up the good attendance!