• Message from Our Nurse                        Nurse

    I’m Mrs. Green and I am the nurse at John Wood.  My main goal as School Nurse is to keep our students safe and healthy and here are some things parents can do to assist me:

    *Please be sure your student’s immunizations are current. (Health Department offers free immunizations for children.  Refer to link below.)

    *Please keep all ill children home until they have been without symptoms of illness (vomiting, fever, rash, pink eyes, diarrhea, etc.) for at least 24 hoursBeing fever free means that they have not required fever reducing medication in 24 hours.  

    *Take a couple of moments to discuss frequent and thorough hand washing  with your student, and encourage them to cough and sneeze into their elbow rather than hands.  These simple acts can help prevent the spread of infection!

    *If your child has a medical consideration please make sure to fill out a medical update form annually.  Having this form filled out by you and your Dr. can be very helpful in the event that your child becomes ill during school hours. 

    *If your child requires medicine to be kept at school, you and your Dr. must fill out the release for medication administration form.  The medication must be brought to school in it’s original, pharmacy-labeled container by an adult.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me and/or visit the health services section of our school handbook.  I appreciate your help in keeping our students and staff healthy!
    Below are sites you may visit for more important information:
    Centers for disease control and prevention  (for information on communicable disease, immunizations, and more) www.cdc.gov

    Lake County Health Department: http://www.lakecountyin.org/portal/media-type/html/group/health/page/default.psml

    Handwashing/Infection Control site:  http://www.crawfordthecat.com/

Last Modified on September 8, 2012