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     Mr. Hussey

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     email: jhussey@mvsc.k12.in.us
     phone: 650.5307 ext: 7559  
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     Grading Breakdown

    Tests: 50%

    Homework: 20%

    Quizzes: 20%

    Participation: 10%

     Scope and Sequence Math 10B Scope Sequence
     Course Description
    Math 10 is a new two-semester course designed to reinforce and elevate the Algebra 1 and 8th grade geometry knowledge and skills necessary for students to successfully complete high school mathematics courses beyond Algebra 1 and essentials for passing the state's graduation qualifying exam in mathematics. Enrollment will be contingent upon recommendation of the Algebra I or Integrated Math I teacher based on diagnostic results of performance in Algebra I and/or mathematics competency assessments. The standards for this course are aligned to the state standards that students need to master for success with the state's graduation qualifying exam in mathematics and the next level math courses. Emphasis is on a variety of instructional methods designed to meet each student's needs and delivered through competency-based units with frequent pre and post assessment data analyzed to drive instructional design and delivery.