• Golf Requirements

    Merrillville High School Golf

    In order to play golf each player must have on file at the Athletic Office the following: Concussion Form, Physical, Pledge and Consent Form as well as an Emergency Card.

    This must be done before the start of the season starts in order to be eligible to practice. 

    Coaches need to be notified if you are planning on missing games as well as practices.

    All practices are Mandatory and students can be dismissed if they have two unexcused practices.   

    All players are to work 1 Concession night at either a football or basketball game. 

    Students are also responsible for participating in the Golf Fundraiser.

    Individuals who play 8 or more Varsity Matches are eligible to Letter.

    Boys uniform: School selected shirt and pants, shorts in either black or khaki no shorter than 5 inches from the center of your knee cap and no cargo pants or shorts.  Hats, visors, socks and shoes must be consistent with the school colors.

    In your golf bag you should always have the following: windshirt or jacket, Extra tee's, ball markers, sharpie marker (to mark balls) and balls.  Students are responsible for having their own water bottle, bug spray and sunscreen.   

    The coaches personal email and cell phone number should only be used in an emergency situation, or if you are informing a coach of an absence.  

    Thank you,

    Coach Tubbs cell: 219-741-0287

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Last Modified on January 23, 2016