• Grading Scale

    90% or above    = A                       

    80 - 89%           = B    

    70 - 79%           = C                   

    60 - 69%           = D                       

    0 - 59%             = F



    70% Test/Quizzes

    10% Class Participation, In-class Activities

    20% Homework


    **Grades will be updated on Skyward on a regular basis**


    Materials- Book, 3-ring binder, paper, pencil, four function calculator (other than your cell phone).


    No Materials- You may borrow pencils and other supplies from your teacher in exchange for your student ID.  Once the item borrowed is returned, your student ID will also be returned.  Habitual occurrences will be subject to disciplinary action.


    Entry Procedure- When you come into the classroom, you need to pick up any classwork and/or notes at the student work station in the front of the room.  When the bell rings, you should quietly be in your seat and working on your bell ringer.  You should keep your notes in your binder for future reference.  Anyone who is not in the classroom when the bell finishes ringing will be counted as tardy.  This classroom follows the Merrillville High School tardy and attendance policy.


    Class Etiquette- Please respect your classmates and yourself.  Please remain quiet while instruction or discussions are happening.  We will have classroom discussion and we want everyone to be able to hear what we are discussing.


    Exit Procedure- You will be dismissed by the teacher, not the bell.  When you are dismissed, you should gather all of your belongings, turn in any classwork, and exit the room.  Anything left will be thrown away.


    Cell Phones- Please keep your cell phones out of the classroom.  If a cell phone becomes a distraction, proper consequences will be followed including warning and confiscation. 


    Homework/Late Work- Homework will be given regularly and is worth 10 points per assignment; 5 points for completion and 5 points for accuracy.  Homework will be assigned online (Big Ideas Math) where you will need to submit your homework.  The problems online are the EXACT SAME problems that are found in the book. This should be done nightly, as the website offers support tools and ways to check your answer for accuracy, as well as videos to help answer questions.  You should show all work on a separate piece of paper that will be checked in class the next day (after it was assigned) in order to receive the 5 points for completion.  All online homework will need to be submitted online by 7:00AM the day of that chapter’s test to be counted for accuracy.


    Dress Code- See the Policy for Merrillville High School- You will NOT be permitted into the classroom if you are out of dress code.  You must have your ID around your neck and visible.


    Passes: You will be required to have a Pirate Planner pass if you need to leave for whatever reason.  If you do not have a planner, you will not be able to leave.  Also, passes will not be granted 10 minutes after class starts or 10 before class ends.



    1. This classroom will have a culture of kindness, honesty and respect.
    2. Students will be actively involved in their learning and give his/her personal best.
    3. Students will advocate for themselves.
    4. Students will come to class prepared to learn and try.
    5. Cell Phones should be kept at home!