• Skyward Family Access

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: What is the Skyward Family Access website?

    A: http://www.mvsc.k12.in.us/skyward


    Q: What does VOI stand for?

    A: Verifacation Of Information (VOI) - previously known as Re-Registartion 


    Q: Who can complete the VOI process?

    A: Only Family 1 Guaradians


    Q: How to access VOI once logged into Skyward Family Access?

    A: Once logged into Skyward Family Access and Click on the link “Go to 2018/2019 Verification of Information (VOI) for your child.  If you have multiple students, you will see multiple links.  

    VOI Link


    Q: Do I have to complete VOI for every child?

    A: Yes, VIO will need to be completed for each child. 


    Q: Can the VOI process be Saved and return later to Finish?

    A: Yes, Click on the Close and Finish Later button under the list of Steps on the right hand side of the page.  To return, click on the link on the Home Page and click on the link where you left off.

    Close_and_Finish Later


    Q: Do I have to complete a Food Service Application if my child had benefits last school year?

    A: Yes, Food Service Benefits need to be applied for every school year.  


    Q: If multple children in my household do I need to fill out a Food Service application for each child?

    A: Yes, gaurdian will need to complete the entire application for ALL students and submit.  All data entered in on the first student's application will be included on the remaining students.  


    Q: Can the VOI process be completed on the Mobile App?

    A: No, not at this time.