• Anthony Hofer - 1:1 Technology Initiative

    In pilot rooms, teachers have begun to integrate technology in their curriculum and use it daily in their instruction.  This blended model is the first steps in moving to a digital platform, preparing students to be able to understand online tools and applications.  

    Anthony Hofer, a HS History teacher, has been working over the last couple of years with a cart of laptops in the classroom to move to this blended model.  Students have been exposed to using Google Classroom and other google tools to both create and submit their classwork to accomplish a hybrid model of traditional paper/pencil and digital curriculum.

    Within the class notes and assignments, Mr. Hofer embeds videos and various internet sources for in-class activities.  An example of said hybrid project is his Crime Research Project.  Within this project, students are required to use internet resources to fill out a statistical research activity on paper and then submit a written google doc through google drive of the finished essay.  

    Along with these online assignments, Mr. Hofer has begun using Schoology for timed reading and online testing.  MHS has been a user of network based exam view testing in the past.  With the addition of using Schoology's online free account, teachers have begun to test using Schoology as a way to import in old Exam view tests  into the web to make them universally accessible to any device, anywhere.