Technology Support Flowchart


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    • Where do I find email? -  Go to www.gmail.com and use your email address with your computer password to sign in.
    • Where can I find the directory?  - If you open an email, click the word TO: in the upper left corner of the email.  In the drop down box on the upper right of the new window, click directory.  
    • Where are the building groups? - Unfortunately google doesn't make this as easy as exchange, if you know the group is called you can either begin to type it in the TO field and it will display or you can do a search by clicking the TO field and changing to Directory.  Then search a piece of the name of the group such as the building name. 
    • How do I access my calendar? -  Launch chrome, once open click the boxes in the upper right corner of the screen and choose calendar.  You may also access it by going to http://calendar.google.com
    • How do I access my building's shared calendars for things like labs? - You should have received an email from google for each individual calendar saying you now have access to the calendar and click a link to add the calendar to your calendar.  Once you have launched google calendars, on the left side of the screen under "My Calendars" you will see the building level calendars listed.  
    • How do I add something to a calendar? - If you click the time slot on on the date, you can quickly add an event.  Otherwise you can click "Create in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Make sure when you are creating your event you choose the correct calendar from the drop down.   By default it will want to use your personal calendar. 
    • Can I change the color of my calendar? - Yes hovering over the individual calendar name on the left side of the screen and clicking the arrow.  Once this pops open a new little window, select the color you would like the calendar to be.  
    • Can I hide a calendar? - Yes by clicking the box to the left of the name of the calendar.
    • How can I share my calendar to other people? - Hover over the calendar name to the left and click "Share this calendar" when the box appears.   In the box below, add the person's email address you would like to share the calendar to and then change the permissions to what you would like that user to be able to do.  
Last Modified on September 25, 2018