Week 1

    _____Team formation. Choose your team that you will work with the rest of the semester. Teams should be between 3 and 4 people. Make sure you can work with everyone on your team.

    These team assignments are all due to Mr. Clark on Thursday of each week. They are also part of your semester team portfolio so don't lose them. Make 2 copies...one goes to Mr Clark for a grade and the other goes into your team folder. (Ask your teacher for a folder!)

    Week 2

    _____Norms & Sanctions. With your team, create a list of "norms" - those things that you all will do to work together. You should have 6-8 items. Then create a list of "sanctions". These are consequences should a team member fail to follow the norms. See sample in Moodle.  The last two (2) steps on your sanctions should be:  Referral to Mr. Clark and finally, Mr. Clark will remove student from team.  This is NOT good if you are removed from a team because you will have to complete the entire semester's work all by yourself.

    _____Business Name. With your team, create a fictitious marketing company that will represent a major sports team. Choose a name for your marketing company

    _____Business Concept.  Describe in 2-3 sentences what your company will do to market the professional team you chose.

    _____Professional Team.  Decide which one professional team (any league) you want to be the exclusive marketing agency

    Week 3

    _____Mission Statement. In one sentence, describe why your company exists.  Reebok's mission statement is "Beat Nike!"

    _____Vision Statement. In one sentence, describe where or what your company is in 10 years from now.  (leading in the industry, international, etc.)

    _____Business Functions. Assign the following functions and titles to your team members:

    CFO: Chief Financial Officer (Accounting & Financial)

    COO: Chief Operating Officer (Production)

    CEO: Chief Executive Officer (Administration, Human Resources)

    President:  Sales & Marketing

    President: Technology

    Due Process Agent:

    One or more of your members will have more than one responsibility.

    _____Background. Create your biography and have fun.  Start with your graduation from MHS. Where will you go to school? What jobs will you have? What companies will you work for? What positions will you hold? What major accomplishments will you make?

    Week 4

    _____Code of Ethics: Create a Code of Ethics for your team business. All of the items in your Code should be real and doable. A minimum of eight (8) items should be on the list. See sample.  

    _____Newspaper Advertisement: Create a newspaper advertisement for an upcoming event in your business.  Include the four elements of Marketing (product, place, price and promo) in your advertisement.  Attach a narrative describing the benefits of newspaper advertising (compared with TV, Radio, Internet and Outdoor).

    _____Risks: Name four (4) steps you can take to avoid risk of injury to your fans or patrons.  How will you make sure these are implemented to keep your customers safe?


    Week 5

    _____Competition:  List your competitors .  Compare what you both do and describe your differences.  What makes your company unique…what strategies or tactics do you use that no one else does? 

    _____Customer Survey & Poll.  Create a five (5) question survey for your customers to answer about making your customer service better for an upcoming event.  Make sure these are measurable and meaningful.  Poll at least 25 students and record their answers.  You’ll need to keep a log and verify the name of each student you asked to get credit for this assignment.  Compile the answers from these 25 responses into Excel.  Create a pie chart (or Bar or Line) for each question.  This particular assignment is due this upcoming Monday.

    Week 6

    _____Community Presentation:  In this project, you are presenting a Powerpoint to the Crossroad Chamber of Commerce to get them to welcome you to the community.  Include the team assignments to date and think about what it takes to be a good citizen to the community and social responsibility.

    _____Culture: List the unique features that you will have in your company that raises employee morale and enables everyone working for you to have common interests.

    _____International Exposure: Identify the potential for marketing internationally.  What country would you choose?  Identify its demographics:  Population, type of government, types of media available, median income, industries, etc.  Describe its geography and also the psychographics of its population.  What would you advertise?  How would you create a billboard?  What would be different from advertising in the U.S.?

    Now, create that advertisement.

    Week 7

    _____ Environmental Plan.   What is your company and employees going to do to keep the planet and environment cleaner and greener?  List at least 6 projects your company will be responsible for in the community.

    _____ Target market.  Describe in detail your Target market using demographics, geographics and psychographics.

    _____ Customer Service.  Write five (5) rules that all of your employees MUST follow when interacting with customers.

    Week 8

    _____ Joint Venture.  Plan a special event with another company as your partner.  What will both of you do for this event?  What do you each get out of it?  How will you advertise it?  Design a poster with both of you promoting this special event.

    _____ Branding - Brand/Logo.  Brand your company.  Create a unique logo/trademark and add a mascot or motto/tagline.

    _____ Recruiting.  Sports:  Recruit a young athlete.  Describe how you will find this person and what offer you will make them.  How will you interact with the agent representing them?  Describe the contract signing event.

    _____ Entertainment Artist:  Choose a high profile entertainer to perform with your company.  Describe their entertainment experience and why you want them for a show.  Write a press release and/or design a poster promoting his/her appearance.

    Week 9


    _____ Channels.   Determine which channels you will use to advertise your team.  Which media (local or national tv broadcasting, radio, billboards, flyers, direct mail, etc.) will you use to promote your team?  What events can(Name and describe at least 3 national events) be used to bring your team name/popularity to those outside your local area? 

    _____ Ticket Pricing Analysis.  Determine your ticket structure for a team game.  Taking into consideration your operating expenses (things you have to pay such as player salaries, food for fans, gifts to sell) and overhead (other things you have to pay regardless if there's a game or not such as utilities, insurance, maintainance), set prices for your tiered structure with a mark-up.  You'll have prestige tickets, box tickets, Regular seating tickets and "nose bleed" section tickets.  Describe what pricing strategies (at least 3) you used.  Use the guide on page 240.  Read this before you try to tell me you don't understand, ok?

    _____ Design an Advertising Campaign for a specific event, game or show that will be coming up in six (6) months.  Use the seven (7) steps on page 262 describing measurable and quantifiable numbers.  Make sure this campaign has a theme that you can create several different commercial ads using the central idea.  Then, create four (4) different advertisements:  1) 30 second television commercial, 2) 30 second radio commercial, 3) internet ad and 4) billboard advertisement.

    Week 10

    Portfolios Due This week! 

    Check your work and then submit early so that you have an opportunity for me to regrade if necessary