Intro to Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management

Culinary Essentials
  • Course Information:

    High School Course Title & DOE #:  Introduction to Culinary Arts and Hospitality DOE Code: 5438

    Credits:  1.0

    Length of Course:   1 trimester

    Prerequisites: Nutrition & Wellness, Introduction to Culinary Arts

    High School Faculty Information:

    Name:    Patti Tubbs

    Office Location:  Merrillville High School

    Contact Information:  Phone:  219-650-5307 ext 7167   Email:

    Catalog Description:

    Introduction to Culinary Arts and Hospitality is recommended for all students regardless of their career cluster or pathway, in order to build basic culinary arts and hospitality knowledge and skills. It is especially appropriate for students with an interest in careers related to Hospitality, Tourism, and Culinary Arts. A project-based approach that utilizes higher order thinking, communication, leadership, and management processes is recommended. Topics include basic culinary skills in the foodservice industry, safety and sanitation, nutrition, basic hospitality skills, customer relations and career investigation. Students are able to explore this industry and examine their own career goals in light of their findings. Laboratory experiences that emphasize industry practices and develop basic skills are required components of this course.

    Course Objectives:

    1. Students will analyze the importance of communication and customer service to promote success in the food service industry.
    2. Students will apply concepts of emergency procedures to develop a safe working environment.
    3. Students will demonstrate appropriate sanitation techniques to ensure high quality food service.
    4. Students will connect nutrition principles and their effect on menu planning for a variety of dietary needs.
    5. Students will apply concepts of basic culinary skills to successfully plan and prepare quality food products.
    6. Students will examine basic hospitality management skills.
    7. Students will analyze career pathways, education and training in the culinary and hospitality industry to enhance knowledge of the many career opportunities available.

    Course Content:

    CH 1 Safety & Sanitation Principles

    CH 2HACCP Applications

    CH 3 Foodservice Career Options

    CH 4 Becoming a Culinary Professional

    CH 5Customer Service

    CH 6The Dining Experience

    CH 7 Foodservice Management

    CH 8 Standards, Regulations,& Laws

    CH 9 Equipment & Technology

    CH 10 Knives & Smallwares

    CH 11 Culinary Nutrition

    CH 12 Creating Menus

    CH 13 Using Standardized Recipes

    CH 14Cost Control Techniques

    CH 15 Cooking Techniques

    CH 16 Seasonings and Flavorings

    CH 17 Breakfast Cookery

    CH 18 Garde Manger Basics

    CH 19 Sandwiches & Appetizers

    CH 20 Stocks, Sauces, & Soups

    CH 21 Fish & Shellfish

    CH 22 Poultry Cookery

    CH 23 Meat Cookery

    CH 24 Pasta & Grains

    CH 25 Fruits, Vegetables, & Legumes

    CH 26 Baking Techniques

    CH 27 Yeast Breads & Rolls

    CH 28 Quick Breads

    CH 29 Desserts

    Required High School Textbook/Resources:

    Culinary Essentials: Glencoe

    Grading and Evaluation:

    Grades are electronically entered into RDS.  Final exams constitute 20% of overall trimester grade.

    Methods of Evaluation

    Diagnostic, guest speakers, vocabulary, assignments/worksheets, journal reviews, research, presentations, demonstrations, labs, quizzes, webquests, skills practice.

    Grading Scale:

    92-5-100 = A

    89.5-92.49 = A-

    86.5-89.49 = B+

    82.5-86.49 = B

    79.5 - 82.49 = B-

    76.5 - 79.49 = C+

    72.5 - 76.49 = C

    69.5 - 72.49 = C-

    66.5 - 69.49 = D+

    62.5 - 66.49 = D

    59.5 - 62.49 = D-

    59.49 and below = F

    Assignments and Tentative Course Schedule:

    Class Meeting


    Assigned Work

    Work Due and Exams

    Week 1

    Intro to Course

    Ch 3 Foodservice Career Options pg. 56

    Ch 4 Becoming a Culinary Professional pg. 82


    Interactive Notebook




    -Careers in Foodservice

    -Foodservice Trends

    -Entrepreneurial Opportunities

    -Employability Skills

    -Seeking Employment


    Ch 3, 4 Quiz

    Week 2

    Ch 5 Customer Service

    Ch 1 Safety & Sanitation Principles pg. 2


    Interactive Notebook

    Article Review



    -Service Basics

    -Serving Customers

    -Types of Contamination

    -Safety Basics

    -Sanitation Challenges

    Week 3

    Ch 2 HACCP Applications pg. 24

    Ch 7 Foodservice Management pg.168



    Interactive Notebook


    Lab- Kitchen Inspection

    -Management Basics

    -Managing People & Facilities

    Ch 5, 1, 2, 7 Quiz

    Week 4

    Ch 6 The Dining Experience pg.140

    Ch 8 Standards, & Regulations & Laws pg.196


    Interactive Notebook


    Lab-Role Play

    -Dining Today

    -The Dining Room Environment

    -Foodservice Standards & Regulations

    -Employment Laws

    Week 5

    Ch 9 Equipment & Technology pg.218

    Ch 10 Knives & Smallwares pg.250


    Interactive Notebook


    Lab-Mise en place, knife skill lab

    Ch 6, 8, 9, 10 Quiz

    Week 6

    Ch 11 Culinary Nutrition pg.278

    Ch 12 Creating Menus pg.306


    Interactive Notebook

    Lab- Healthy Snacks, Healthy Meal

    My Plate Webquest

    Ch 1- 12 Mid-term


    Week 7

    Ch 13 Using Standardized Recipies pg.328

    Ch 14 Cost Control Techniques pg.346

    Ch 18 Garde Manger Basics pg.454


    Interactive Notebook


    Lab-Baked Potato & Salad Bar

    -How nutrient Dense is my Potato?

    -How much does my potato cost?

    -How nutrient Dense is my Salad?

    -How much does my salad cost?

    Ch 13, 14, 18 Quiz

    Week 8

    Ch 15 Cooking Techniques pg.374

    Ch 16 Seasonings and Flavorings pg.398

    Ch 17 Breakfast Cookery pg.430


    Interactive Notebook


    Lab-Seasoning, Bacon & Egg

    Article Review

    Ch 15, 16, 17 Quiz

    Week 9

    Ch 28 Quick Breads pg.728

    Ch 19 Sandwiches & Appetizers pg.486

    Ch 20 Stocks, Sauces & Soups pg.508

    Ch 25 Fruits, Vegetables & Legumes pg.636


    Interactive Notebook

    Lab-Breakfast Cereals, Biscuits & Gravy

    International Cuisine Research

    Ch 28, 19, 20, 25 Quiz

    Week 10

    Ch 21 Fish & Shellfish pg.540

    Ch 22 Poultry Cookery pg.568

    Ch 23 Meat Cookery pg.586

    Ch 24 Pasta & Grains pg.614


    Interactive Notebook


    Lab-Latin Food, Italian Food, Asian Food

    International Cuisine Report

    Ch 21, 22, 23, 24 Quiz


    Week 11

    Ch 26 Baking Techniques pg.676

    Ch 27 Yeast Breads & Rolls pg.704


    Interactive Notebook


    Lab-Egg Bread, Cream Puffs & Custard

    Ch 26, 27 Quiz

    Week 12

    Ch 29 Desserts pg.746


    Interactive Notebook


    Lab-Cookies, Frosting

    Final Exam