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    Course Scope & Sequence

    2013-2014 Academic Year



    Finite Math A


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    Course Expectations, Goals & Routines

    Finite Math A


    Materials Needed: (Bring EVERY day)

    • Workbook, Textbook
    • Folder & Notebook OR Binder & Paper (used for math  ONLY!!)
    • Scientific / Fraction Calculator (Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Recommended)
    • Pencils and Erasers

    Marking Period (6 weeks) Grades:

    Graded Homework: 10% of overall grade

              Quizzes: 10% of overall grade

    Notebook: 10% of overall grade

             Projects: 20% of overall grade

    Tests: 50% of overall grade



    Trimester Grade

    : (This grade goes on your Transcript and is used in calculating your GPA)


    Marking Period (6 weeks) Grade: 40% of Trimester Grade


    Marking Period (6 weeks) Grade: 40% of Trimester Grade

                Final Exam Grade: 20% of Trimester Grade    

    Example:  If a student gets a 1st Marking Period grade of 83%, a 2nd

    Marking Period grade of 74%, and 61% on the Final Exam, the Trimester Grade will be calculated like this:

                1st Marking Period Grade:       

    83 x 40% = 33.2

                2nd Marking Period Grade:      

    74 x 40% = 29.6

                Final Exam Grade:                  

    61 x 20% = 12.2

                Trimester Grade =       

    33.2 + 29.6 + 12.2 = 75/C

    What Course Comes Next?

    • If you get a Trimester Grade of 60% D or Better, You will take Finite Math B
    • If you get a Trimester Grade below 60%, you will be rescheduled for Finite Math A

    Course Description

    Finite mathematics is an umbrella of mathematical topics. It is a course designed for students who will undertake higher-level mathematics in college that may not include calculus. Topics include: (1) linear functions related to supply, demand, cost, and revenue, (2) linear regression,  (3) systems of equations, (4) matrices basic operations, (5) linear programming, and  (6) basic finance math. A scientific calculator is required.
    Grade Levels: 11 – 12 
    Prerequisite: Algebra II 
    Credits: 1 trimester course for 1 credit
    Counts as a Mathematics Course for the General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors 
    A Career Academic Sequence or Flex Credit course


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    Instructional Content
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    Interactive Notes,
    Assignments, etc.
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