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    All absences MUST be directed one-on-one with Mrs. Row the morning of the absence.  DO NOT leave a message on her cell phone.  You MUST talk with her in person.  If you get a recording on her cell phone, you MUST call school (219-650-5307 ext. 17175) and talk with her there.  If she does not know of your absence, she cannot contact your mentor and that means an unexcused absence and a non-compliance slip.                                                                                        
    It is also imperative that time cards be submitted on Monday at Seminar.  If there is no school on a particular Monday, it is your responsibility to get to her first thing Tuesday morning before school starts.  Late time cards mean points deducted and/or non-compliance slips. 

    Interns will meet with Mrs. Row for the first 10 days during 3rd and 4th period and at the end of the course period after the internships have ended.  Internships will begin on November 29, 2018 and end on February 14th, 2019.