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    RDS Gradebook FAQ's


    Q: Where can I find help in the RDS Gradebook?
    A:  Click on the red question mark help to receive help on that particular page.

    Q: Can the RDS Gradebook be accessed from outside the corporation?
    A: Yes, by going to https://mcsc-rdsapps.mvsc.k12.in.us/rdsteachermod2

    Q: Why does the following box keep popping up?  Don't ignore it!!!

    A: This box is telling you that you need to finish setting up your Course Setup.  To make the box stop bothering you, go into the Course Setup of the gradebook and apply a grading scale to BOTH the "Grading Period Total" and "Semester Total" sections of the Course Setup.

    Q: Can the Pilot RDS Gradebook group’s grades be seen by parents in Parent Access?
    A: No, unfortunately the teachers piloting the gradebook will not have their grades seen by parents in the Parent Access. (School year 2012/2013)
    Q: In the previous gradebook application an ‘X’ grade can be given to allow a teacher to indicate that a student is EXEMPT on a given assignment.  How can I record this type of grade in the RDS Gradebook?
    A: Under Score Status choose: Exempt (Purple cell w/ an X) – Student is exempt from assignment.  Score is not included in grade calculation.

    Q: In previous gradebook application a ‘Z’ grade can be given to allow a teacher to indicate that a student didn’t even try on the assignment. How can I record this type of grade in the RDS Gradebook?
    A: Under Score Status > choose Missing (Lilac cell w/ an M) – Assignment was not turned in. Score is considered to be zero pts. during grade calculation.

    Q: How do you clear a Score Status such as Missing or Exempt?
    A: Select the cell you want change back to normal by going to Score Status > choose Normal. 

    Q: How to copy a grade to multiple students?
    A: Fill Up and Fill Down - You can give multiple students the same score for an assignment using this feature. To use these commands, enter a score for one student, or click an existing score.  Next, press CTRL+Up Arrow to copy the score to all cells above the selected score; or press CTRL+Down Arrow to copy score to all cells below the selected score.  Note…this feature only copies scores not score status.


    Q:  Why does my gradebook show students I no longer have - in red lines?

    A: The red line indicates a withdrawn student. Hide these names by choosing View/Edit > Hide Withdrawn Students.  This is a toggle that can be clicked again to show these students.

    Q: What does the S, E, or # (1, 2, or 3) mean next to a student’s name in a class list?
    A: S is an indicator for Special Ed / E is an indicator for ELL / 1, 2, or 3 is the RTI Level for that particular student.

    Q: I keep changing the order of my assignments, but RDS changes it back when I log in again.  Is there a way to make it stay?
    A: Yes. When you leave the site, get in the habit of clicking the button (top right) that says "Exit" (not the red X).  This button will save preferences like sort, view, and even Hide Withdrawn Students so that the gradebook will look the same when you come back.
    Q: My User ID has been disabled who should I contact?
    A: To have your Teacher Module account re-activated, e-mail: logon@mvsc.k12.in.us   Be sure to include your RDS username in the e-mail.  This account is checked frequently to ensure you have access to the Teacher Module quickly. 
    Q: How do I view grades from last grading period or last semester?
    A: To view prior grading periods or semesters for the current school year, do the following:
    Solution #1 - For current Trimester/Semester Grading Periods or year long courses
    Grading Period/Semester DropDown Menu  - click drop down arrow and choose the grading period your looking for.
    Solution #2 - Previous Trimester or Semester Only courses.
    Choose View/Edit > View Courses for Year/Term > Choose current year > choose the GP you would like to look at. (black dot represents the current year or grading period)
    previous terms  
    Q: Can I enter more points than the assignment is worth?
    A: Yes. Due to "Validate Grades on Entry" option being enforced at MCSC, you have to enter possible extra credit in the assignment window.

    Q: Can a final grade be overwritten?

    A: Yes. To overwrite a grade go to Semester Totals > change to View Letter Grades > Change the grade.  Once changed you’ll notice the grade turns a light orange color.  The percentage in your Gradebook will stay as the true calculated grade. To remove the overwritten grade – delete the grade in Semester Totals and the score will recalculate.