Merrillville High School


    Course Scope & Sequence


    2018-2019 Academic Year



    Business, Marketing & Info Technology

    Work-Based Learning


    Sharon Row


    Email Address


    Course Expectations, Goals & Routines



    MRS. ROW

    Business & Information Technology Classes



    1. Turn assignments in on time.
    2. Respect others’ opinions, especially if they’re on your team.
    3. Do no harm to others.
    4. Participate in class discussions.
    5. Refer to syllabus and documents on Schoology on regular basis.  https://mcsc.schoology.com
    6. Ask questions!

     Classroom Expectations:

    1. IN your seat when bell rings (both at start and at end of class period).
    2. NO food or drink – ever!
    3. ID around neck on lanyard at all times.
    4. Must have Pirate Planner for all passes (this includes the bathroom!!!)
    5. Bring appropriate materials every day (pencils, paper, books, folder/notebook).
    6. Computers are for class work ONLY!
    7. Follow computer usage policy without fail.
    8. No electronic devices (MP3, Cell, Headphones, et al)
    9. Homework due at beginning of class before the bell.  No make up assignments. 

    Course Description

    Work Based Learning Capstone is a culminating course in a student’s logical sequence of courses for a chosen career pathway. In this course, students have the opportunity to apply the concepts, skills, and dispositions learned in previous coursework in their pathways in real world business and industry settings. Therefore, at least two courses in a student’s pathway would be prerequisite to the student enrolling in the stand-alone WBL courses. It is important to note that Work Based Learning is an instructional strategy that can be implemented as a standalone course or a component of any CTE course that prepares students for college and career. This strategy builds students’ skills and knowledge in their chosen career path or furthers their study within the area of interest. A standards based training plan is developed by the student, teacher, and workplace mentor to guide the student’s work based learning experiences and assist in evaluating achievement and performance, whether WBL is a standalone course or a component of a discipline-specific CTE course. 

    ACADEMIC STANDARDS                                   WBL ICE SYLLABUS