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    Course Scope & Sequence

    2013-2014 Academic Year



    Advanced Speech


    Lee Meyer

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    Course Expectations, Goals & Routines

    Advanced Speech is a Dual-Credit course, for which the participants will receive three college credits from Purdue North Central.  These credits may be transferred to other colleges.  Go to www.transferriN.net to check transferability of credits.
    Students must meet requirements to take this class.


    Course Description


    Advanced Speech, a course based on Indiana's Academic Standards for English/Language Arts and emphasizing the College Speech and Communication Standards, is the study and application of a variety of communication styles, with an emphasis on public speaking situations, as well as interpersonal communication and group communication.  Students will also continue to improve their effectiveness of the four delivery styles (manuscript, memorization, impromptu, and extemporaneous) they learned in General Speech.  Organizational, outlining, and research skills will be used in most presentations. Students use the same Standard English conventions for oral speech that they use in their writing.


    ·         Recommended Grade Level:  11-12

    ·         Recommended Prerequisites:  General Speech - must receive an A or a B in class - must have teacher recommendation

    ·         Credits:  1 trimester course for 1 credit

    ·         Fulfills an English/Language Arts requirement for the General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors diplomas

    ·         A Career Academic Sequence or Flex Credit course