• A Study of Mrs. Coronado
    -Where did I grow up?
    " I was born In Munster, lived in Highland and Dyer and then moved to Valparaiso and attended high school there."-
    -What sports or activities did I do growing up?
    " I played soccer, enjoyed reading and enjoyed listening to music."
    -Where did I attend college?
    " I attended Purdue University in West Lafayette. (main campus)
    -What did I study?
    "I studied Spanish language, literature, linguistics, psychology and education."
    -Any significant accomplishments in my life?
    "I have traveled to many countries and can speak seven (7) different languages."
    -Do I have any family?"
    "I am married. Growing up, I was the oldest of four siblings. I am nine years older than my youngest sibling."
    -Do I have any pets?
    -What do I do in my free time?
    "I read, watch movies, play videogames and cook."
    -What are my goals in life?
    "I want to be fluent in 10+ languages, visit every continent (maybe not Antarctica), and live a life I am proud of."
    -Where is my favorite place in the world?
    "My favorite place that I have I been to is Paris.  My favorite place that I want to visit is Egypt to see the Pyramids."