Core Course GPA

    If your child has aspirations of competing athletically as a freshman at an NCAA Division I or Division II school, they must meet NCAA Initial-Eligibility minimum standards, including minimum core course GPA and SAT/ACT test score requirements. CoreCourseGPA.com is an innovative tool that allows you to easily track your son or daughter’s progress towards meeting these requirements, beginning as soon as the first semester of their freshman year.
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    Fast ForWord

    Players and Parents,

    After looking at the transcripts and report cards of our players, we have decided to truly put academics above athletics. As we told our players many months ago, we will be having study table before school for those players that received a D or F on their report card. Players will remain in study table for the rest of this year! We hope and need to see grades improve drastically!

    Players will report to the computer lab they are assigned and must be logged into the school computer by 7:00 am or they will be considered late.

    The following are the consequences for being late or missing study table:

    ~ 1st 3 tardies = extra conditioning

    ~ 4th tardy = suspended from playing in the scrimmage and miss 1quarter of 1st game

    ~ 5th tardy and each tardy after that results in being suspended from an additional quarter.

    After being suspended for 8 quarters, a player is kicked off the team.

    While in study table, players will be working on a computer based brain development program known as FastForWord. FastForWord was designed to help strengthen memory, attention, processing and sequencing processes in the brain and increase reading proficiency! This program has been scientifically proven to accelerate your learning. Fast ForWord is built on cumulative breakthroughs in neuroscience research revealing that the human brain can continue to develop and improve the efficiency of its processing throughout life.

    We will meet in B110 on Tuesday morning from 7:00-7:30 a.m. beginning this Tuesday, May 3rd.

    Mrs. Weil or Mrs. Wheeler, will be supervising your lab and Coach Wells and/or another coach will also stop in to check on your progress.

    If a player can not make it to study table on time, they need to talk to others that are also in study table to get a ride. If a player can still not get to study tables on time, he will be dismissed from the team.

    Thank you for your time and future academic efforts,

    Coach Wells