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    "The 4th Grade Salk After School Book Club"

    The Salk Book Club is a place for 4th grade kids who love to read and talk about books! The Salk Book Club was created as a way to support and encourage kids' love for reading by giving them an opportunity to connect, on a personal level, with the books they are reading and then share their reactions, thoughts, and opinions with other students.

    The Salk Book Club Literacy Program
    The Salk Book Club helps students develop critical reading and writing skills by providing them with a meaningful context in which they learn how to think critically about the books they read; engage in reflective dialogue with teachers and peers; express their opinions and reactions in conversation and writing.

    During the program, students:

    • read books
    • engage in book talks
    • discuss the elements of a book review
    • read and discuss views and opinions from other club members
    • write group reviews to practice writing summaries,
      opinions and recommendations
    • work on their own reviews
    • read their reviews for feedback from other club members
    • participate in a variety of activities corresponding with the literature


    Chapter Books

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    Benefits to students, teachers, administrators and families:
    The Salk Book Club helps students develop sophisticated ways of understanding, reflecting on, and connecting to what they read. By going through the process of writing bookreviews, students read and reread books; engage in book talks with their classmates and teachers; and write summaries, opinions, and recommendations. They know other students will be reading their reviews and write with their audience in mind. Because their reviews will be posted on the library bulletin board for all students to read, kids feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when their work is displayed.
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Last Modified on October 29, 2012