• Educational Methods
    Student Success Process
    The main strategy that is implemented at Fieler Elementary School to improve math instruction is the Student Success Process (SSP). This a program where students receive intensive daily remediation or enrichment based on students' needs Students are assessed regularly to determine their placement in teacher-led groups. Each group meets 8-9 times per each Indiana Academic Standard, "Power Indicator."

    This strategy was selected due to the success that many other school districts have had. Brazosport, TX and Charlotte-Mecklenberg, NC, have noticed increases in all students' achievement and achievement gaps have begun closing after use of this strategy. Many schools in Indiana have begun using this strategy with similar success.

    This strategy is evaluated for success every 10 days, when students take a post-test after intensive lessons. Teachers and administrators will continually monitor this data to ensure that students are experiencing success on the post-test assessments.

Last Modified on February 20, 2011