• TAT's and HUG

       TAT's (Teacher Assistance Team) are triggered at the PBIS Secondary Committee meetings when individual student data demonstrates the need for an intervention in order to improve the behavior of a particular student. Ideally, an administrator, a guidance counselor, a parent, the Prevention of Expulsion Coordinator, and core academic teachers are present at the meetings. This is the form that we use for the TAT meetings. TAT Referral Form

       If the data determines that a student may benefit from the use of an adult mentor, we have a program called HUG (Hello, Update, and Goodbye). Data is collected on an individual student basis in order to determine whether or not the student is benefiting from the program. 80% mastery is the goal based on an evaluation from every class period. Pierce uses the following forms for the HUG Program. HUG Consent Form      HUG Pass Form      HUG Program Contract


    We currently use administrators and support staff as mentors for HUG participants.

Last Modified on November 26, 2011