• Merrillville High School
    Course Scope & Sequence
     World Language Department
    Spanish IV B
    Instructor: DaCostaGomez


    Course Expectations, Goals & Routines


    What will you need?

    ·        A spiral notebook and a folder or a binder with loose leaf paper

    1.        vocabulary lists

    2.      notes (including fill-in notes, and sheets that are half notes/half practice ONLY)

    3.      worksheets (including drills, practice, reviews, ponga, and video worksheets)

    4.      bell work and written book work (for this section, if you choose to use a spiral bound notebook to keep it all, that is PREFERRED)

    ·        Something to write with

    ·        Your Spanish book and workbook

    What will you do?

    ·    Be in the class by the time the bell rings (or it is a tardy)…

    ·    Have your ID on (or it is a detention)

    ·    Have your homework ready for me to check when I walk into the room

    ·    Check the agenda, and get started (there is ALWAYS an opening assignment)

    ·    Come prepared with class materials and homework

    ·    Participate in class activities

    ·    Use the bathroom, visit your locker, etc., during the passing period     

    ·    Only water to drink

    ·    Throw away all garbage and wrappers, but recycle bottles and paper

    ·    If you are absent from class it’s your responsibility make up what you missed

    ·    Respect all school rules:  have homework, be on-time, no cell phones, no coats, etc

    ·    Once everything you need for the day is out, tuck your backpacks away

    How will you be graded?

    Your grade is based on vocabulary quizzes, grammar quizzes, and chapter tests.


    There is a participation/completion grade based on homework, in-class assignments and overall participation.   Negative participation or talking, commenting, or laughing out loud and out of turn WILL negatively affect your participation grade. Notebooks will be checked for completion of all bell work, written textbook work, and interactive notes for a grade at the end of each grading period.  At that time, everything needs to be clearly organized into sections.  


    Homework, bell-ringers, and other in-class assignments will always be checked for completion.  They will always serve to prepare you for quizzes and tests.  Therefore, they are VERY IMPORTANT.  Please always work diligently on all tasks.  Assignments are collected randomly. 

    Course Description


    Level IV world language courses enable students to participate in classroom and extracurricular activities related to the language studied, such as presentations to the student body and to parent groups and taking leadership roles in language clubs.  Students are willing to participate in conversations with native and advanced non-native speakers, either in their community or in the school.  This course also enables students to respond to factual and interpretive questions, interact in complex social situations, and express opinions and make judgments; Give presentations on cultural topics including: (1) traditions, (2) historical and contemporary events, and (3) major historical and artistic figures; Further develop understanding of target language-speaking cultures by being able to discuss factors that influence the practices, products, and perspectives of the target culture and comparing systems of the target culture to the student’s own culture.  Paraphrase or restate what someone else has said; Read for comprehension from a variety of longer authentic materials, such as newspapers and magazine articles, novels, and essays, as well as make judgments about what is read; Write well-organized compositions on a given topic;  Begin using the language creatively in writing simple poetry and/or prose. (Goal 1-4).  Students are also Aware of the relationship between various art forms in at least one major historical period; Aware of the major literary, musical, and artistic periods and genres of at least one of the cultures in which the language is spoken; Able to adjust speech appropriate to the situation and audience; and Able to participate appropriately in a variety of specific circumstances which could include public meetings, attending concerts, and using public transportation. The course further emphasizes making cross-curricular connections by the use of activities and assignments that develop skills and concepts that are useful to students in other content areas. (Goals 4-6)

    ·         Grade level:  10 – 12

    ·         Prerequisites:  Level I, II, and III of language being studied

    ·         Credits: 2 trimester course for 2 credits

    ·         Fulfills a World Language requirement for the Core 40 with Academic Honors diploma or counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for any diploma

    ·         A Career Academic Sequence or Flex Credit course

    ·         Dual College credit available for French IV and Spanish IV

    Instructional Content
    Activities, Readings, Labs, Interactive Notes, Assignments, etc.
    Latin Grammy Week   
    Song: TBA each year      
     Latin Grammy Website
    Latin Grammy Program
    Choice assignment for Latin Grammy  
    Civil War in El Salvador
    Songs: Casas de Carton & Cumbia del Brinquito    
    Epilogo: TPRS Novel Vida y Muerte en la Mara Salvatrucha  
    Movie: Voces Inocentes and movie questions
    Webquest about El Salvador vs. Estados Unidos 
     Epilogue graphic organizer and documentary
    Listening quiz with novel personalities
    Vida y Muerte
    Chapters 1-5   
    Gramática Condidional 
     Discussion and comprehension questions
    Academic notebook  
    Quiz Ch 2
    Quiz Ch 3-4 
    Vida y Muerte Chapters 6-8 
    Gramática Pluperfect Subjunctive   
     Discussion and comprehension questions  
    Academic notebook    
    Video Clips & Podcasts 
    Quiz Ch 5-6
    Essential Question 1 Performance Assessment 
    Vida y Muerte Chapters 9-12  
     Discussion and comprehension questions  
    Academic notebook   
    Video Clips  
     Quiz Ch 9-12Christmas Carols 
     6      4.4.2
    Vida y Muerte Chapters 13-14    
     Discussion and comprehension questions  
    Academic notebook  
    Video Clips 
    Performance Assessment  
    Thematic Unit   
    Mexican Narco Violence    
     Unit Packet Pages 1-8 with corresponding videos, podcasts, and articles  
     8 Thematic Unit Narcovoilence cont.    
     Unit Packet Pages 9-15
    With corresponding videos, podcasts and articles 
    Song lyrics quiz: Mexico & Tuve para dar  
    Thematic Unit Narcovoilence cont.  
    Unit Packet Pages 16-21Essential Questions Performance Assessment  
    Short Story Juan Bobo 
    Pablo Neruda  
    Comprehension Questions from story
    Illustrate Poem 
    Original Poem  
    Thematic Unit
    ¿Qué es un taco?
    Diversity of Gastronomy 
    Differences in foods of United States Mexican Restaurants and Honduras    
     videos, songs, articles, recipes, food reviews  
    Diversity of Gastronomy Cont.  Performance Assessment Skits