• Merrillville High School
    Course Scope & Sequence
     World Languages
    Spanish III A
    Instructor:  Monica DaCostaGomez


    Course Expectations, Goals & Routines



    BIENVENIDOS a la clase de Español

    A place where I get to share my heritage culture and language with you!    


    Contact information:

    Nombre: Sra. DaCostaGomez

    Email: mdacosta@mvsc.k12.in.us

    Gmail: sra.dacosta@gmail.com

    Google voice: (219) 595-2515

    Phone: 219-650-5307 ext. 7089



    Please be ready for class each day with:

    ·         A pen/pencil

    ·         Paper or a notebook

    ·         A folder or binder designated for this class

    ·         Textbook and workbook


    Please follow the following rules:

    ·    Be seated at your own desk by the time the bell rings (or it is a tardy)

    ·    Have your ID on (or it is a detention)

    ·    Check the agenda, and get started (there is ALWAYS an opening assignment)

    ·    Participate in class activities

    ·    Use the bathroom, visit your locker, etc., during the passing period    

    ·    Only water to drink

    ·    Throw away all garbage and wrappers, but recycle bottles and paper

    ·    If you are absent from class it’s your responsibility make up what you missed

    ·    Respect all school rules:  have homework, be on-time, NO CELL PHONES, no coats, no food outside of the cafetería, etc

    ·    Once everything you need for the day is out, tuck your backpacks away


    40% Performance Assessments (speaking, writing, reading, listening)
    20% Skills Checks (grammar and vocabulary quizzes) 
    40% Class participation, engagement, homework, formative checks 

    Most importantly, don’t be afraid to speak Spanish.  J




    Course Description
    Level III world language courses provide instruction, enabling students to understand and appreciate other cultures by comparing social behaviors and values of people using the languages being learned. Students are willing to initiate and participate in discussions concerning these cultures. In addition, students are able to Respond to factual and interpretive questions and interact in a variety of social situations, such as expressing regrets, condolences, and complaints, using more than rote memory formula phrases; Read for comprehension from a variety of authentic materials, such as advertisements in newspapers and magazines and cartoons and personal correspondence; Read short literary selections of poetry, plays and short stories; Complete authentic forms and documents and take notes that require familiar vocabulary and structures; Write paraphrases, summaries, and brief compositions; Describe different aspects of the culture, using the world language where appropriate, including: (1) major historical events, (2) political structures, (3) value systems, (4) visual arts, (5) architecture, (6) literature, and (7) music; and Seek help in a crisis situation and participate appropriately at special family occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, funerals, and anniversaries. (Goals 1-6)
    ·         Grade level:  10 – 12
    ·         Prerequisites:  Level I and II of language being studied
    ·         Credits: 2 trimester for 2 credits
    ·         Fulfills a World Language requirement for the Core 40 with Academic Honors diploma or counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for any diploma
    ·         A Career Academic Sequence or Flex Credit course
    ·         Dual College credit available for French III and Spanish III





    Instructional Content

    Activities, Readings, Labs, Interactive Notes, Assignments, etc.










    Trimester 1: Back to school and community building

    Trimester 2: Latin Grammy Week and community building 

    Authentic resources (Authres):

    TL Twitter collections & Video Interviews with people going back to school.

    Music Video Cuando se viene de abajo

    Latin Grammy Guide and one focus song & related activities, Powerpoints and online vocab drills

    Prepare academic notebook. Eres el juez

    Formative check of speaking skills and listening skills


    Trimester 2: Vocabulary Quiz and Pronunciation Quiz over a Latin Grammy song



    Trimester 1: Back to school continued

    T 1 & T2: Emotions and what causes them to change 

    T1: More work with Kafu Banton Cuando se viene de abajo & back to school emotions

    Powerpoint categories of what changes emotions, Doblado, Doblado Intensamente,  & then

    T1: Vocabulary & Pronunciation Skills check-Quiz over Cuando se viene de abajo





    Health and body

    Descubre Lección 1: En el consultorio

    Estructura: El imperfecto y el Pretérito

    Songs: Cabeza, Hombros Piernas, Pies, El monstruo de la laguna, Corazón sin cara

    T1 & T2: Body Parts songs: Cabeza, Hombros Piernas Pies, El monstruo de la laguna, Corazón sin cara.

    16 monstruos

    Body movements to explain what happened, online practice for body part vocabulary, crossword puzzles


    Vocabulary Quiz: Body parts

    Performance assessment: groups create an alien monster asking and describing while drawing the alien monster.





    Descubre Lección 1 Continued

    El pasado Imperfecto y Pretérito

    Song: El niagara en bicicleta

    Places: Argentina & Dominican Republic

    More Authres, medicine commercials, Twitter collections, Infographics, Listening for ailments, Tírate a Escribir Mochila,

    Flash Culture

    Introduce Healthcare in Latin America

    Embedded reading; Niagara

    Communications: ¿Qué te pasó?

    Free write TPRS

    Formative Reading of Infographics and PSAs





    Desubre Lección 1 Concluded

    Song: Yerbatero or Curandera

    More Infographics and readings of PSAs., Traditional Vs. Latin American Healthcare

     “Learning Centers related to health care”


    Performance Assessment: Skits about Health Scenario





    Getting to know you



    Develop more vocabulary for presentations about self.  More opinions about songs & Karaoke 

    Mid-term present about yourself







    Descubre 2 Lesson 4


    The Caribbean

    & its music

    Artists: Marc Anthony & Gente de Zona

    Cuba and Puerto Rico

    Songs: La Gozadera & Vivir mi vida

    Structure: Past and expressing the future

    Authentic resources (Authres):

    Songs and hands on as well as interpretive assignments, grammar practice, vocabulary practice, quizlet, communications
    PowerPoints: Marc Anthony

    Gente de Zona biographies

    Map work



    Vocabulary Quiz La Gozadera



    Preterite tense skills quiz





    Descubre 2 Lesson 4 Cont.

    Puerto Rico

    Artists: Olga Tañon

    Song: Es mentiroso

    Salsa vs. Merengue

    Authres, Quizlet, notes, communications, academic notebook notes and biographies, dance merengue

    Vivir mi vida rewrite present

    Listening: Is it Salsa or Merengue





    Descubre 2 Lesson 4 Cont.


    Artist: Celia Cruz

    Song: Vida Carnaval & Guantanamera

    Structure: Subjunctive & present

    Poem: Versos sencillos

    Celia Cruz Biography, Order the lyrics, Online map work and rote grammar practice

    Poster Project Vida Carnaval

    Descubre 2 Lesson 4 Estructura 4.1 The subjunctive

    Dominican Repubic

    Artist: Juan Luis Guerra

    Song: Ojala que llueva café

    Hunger and poverty

     Power Point notes, video clips, map work, quizlet and online maps practice, rote grammar practice, vocabulary development 

    Integrated performance assessment two artists read and speak

     T1: Semana de escalofríos
     11 3.5.1    

    Descubre 2 Lesson 4

    Estructurea 4.1 The subjunctive with doubt, disbelief, and denial

    Urban New York Bachata

    Artist: Romeo Santos

    Song: TBA

    Songs and video clips, online practice for vocabulary and grammar

    3.1.1 & 3.1.3

    Domincan Republic

    Bachata vs. Merengue

    Song: El Costo de la vida

    Government corruption 

    Authres: Video Clips, guided communications, listening practice for music types, vocabulary practice, quizlet


    Speaking Dominican Republic culture 

        Formative Assessment

    Interpret lyrics from El Costo de la vida 

    13                   FINALS WEEK