•  About Me

    I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I got my B.A. from St. Francis University located in Joliet, Illinois. I studied  Math Major Minor Secondary / Elementary Education. I then moved on to receive my M.S. from Chicago State University.  I also did graduate work in Mathmatics at Purdue and I.U.
    I have 3 chrildren. Stephanie, Dominic, & Ging my grandchildren. My goal in life was teach since 2nd grade and to help others reach their goals and to further education. I been married for 35 years!! My favorite place in the world is the ocean, I enjoy being anywhere along the east or west coast.
    Outside Activities:
    •Working Out
    •Participating in Church Activities
    •Spending time with my Family and GrandchildrenMath Book Pic
                               i love math