Welcome to Room F202!
    If we all work together, this can be a great place to learn.  Here are a few tips to help you make your time in here happy and productive.
    You need a lanyard on when you walk into the room.  This isn't my rule; it's the school rule.  If you don't like it, take it up with the Merrillville School Board.  This is not a game we are going to play.  Just put it on and move on......
    So, now you are in the room.  You need your book and your other materials.  Books are not cheap and they need to last 6 years.  They need a BOOKCOVER.  If it gets damaged, you pay.  You need something to write with.  I have a "borrow basket" where I throw pencils that I find.  You can borrow one but they do tend to get stolen.  Not a good idea to plan on that.  There is also a basket of calculators that you can borrow.  It must be signed out correctly. 
    OK, now you are in the room and you have your materials in front of you.  We are here to learn!  No eating or drinking!  That includes candy!  If I see it, you serve a detention.  There are 2 exceptions.  You can have a water bottle but it must be plain water, not "enhanced".  I will overlook gum as long as I don't see it or hear it.  This is the only warning you will get.  All of your lotions, makeup, brushes, etc. need to stay packed away.  This is not the appropriate place for grooming.  Cell phones need to be turned off and tucked away.  If it rings, I will hold it until the end of the school day and if you use it in here, I will turn it in.
    Yeah, sometimes there are emergencies.  You have 2 passes in your passbook per week.  Fill one out and I will sign it.  When the passes are gone, there are no more emergencies that week.  If you leave without a pass, we will have to consult the handbook for the school rules.  If you arrive late, bring a pass or you will sign a tardy slip.  Field trips are good but they need to be signed before you go and work must be completed when you return.  If there is a test on the day of your field trip, it must be taken before you go.
    Well, let's sum it all up.  RESPECT!!!  We need to respect each other and each other's property.  If we can do that, we will create a good learning environment and GREAT THINGS CAN HAPPEN FOR ALL OF US!