• GED General Infomation
    What is the GED®Test?

    The GED® is a battery of five separate tests which cover the following general areas.

    Language Arts: Writing
    The Writing Skills test consists of two parts. The score for this test is a combination of both scores

    Part I-Multiple Choice (Time Limit-75 Minutes) (50 Items)
    It is a multiple-choice test of the ability to edit and correct problems in sentence structure, usage, mechanics and organization.
    - Sentence Structure 30%
    - Organization Usage 15%
    - Usage 30%
    - Mechanics (capitalization and punctuation) 25%

    Part II-The Essay (Time Limit-45 Minutes) (1 Essay)
    Examinees must respond to an essay question in writing. The essay question presents an issue or situation with which examinees are familiar. Two trained readers according to a method called “holistic scoring” score the essay section of the Writing Skills Test independently.

    Social Studies (Time Limit-70 Minutes) (50 Items)
    The Social Studies Test measures the ability to comprehend and use information in the content areas of history, economics, civics, government, geography and world history. The focus of this test is assessing the examines' ability to use concepts and information to solve problems or answer problems.

    - U. S. History 25%
    - Civics and Government 25%
    - Economics 20%
    - World History 15%
    - Geography 15%

    Science (Time Limit-70 Minutes) (50 Items)
    The Science Test measures the ability to comprehend and use information in the content areas of life sciences, the physical sciences, earth science and space science.

    - Life Science (Biology) 45%
    - Earth and Space Science 20%
    - Physical Science-Chemistry and Physics 35%

    Language Arts:Reading (Time Limit-65 Minutes) (40 Items)

    - Literature Text 75%
    - Nonfiction Prose 25%


    Part I Calculator Usage (Time Limit-45 Minutes) (25 Items)
    Part II No Calculator (Time Limit-45 Minutes) (25 Items)
    The Mathematics Test measures problem-solving skills in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data, statistics and probability. The focus is on the ability to solve problems in realistic contexts. Item sets on the text many involve analyzing multiple pieces of information-charts, graphs and tables.

    - number operations and number sense (20-30%),
    - data analysis, statistics, and probability (20-30%)
    - algebra, functions, and patterns (20-30%)
    - measurement and geometry (20-30%).

    Scores Needed to Pass

    You must score at least 410 points on each individual sub test out of 800 possible AND have at least 2250 total points to average 450 for the whole test. If you pass, you will be eligible to receive a GED® High School Equivalency diploma issued by the State of Indiana.

    Retesting for the GED®

    You can retest as many times as needed to pass. After a waiting period, you may retake the sub-tests with scores below the minimum. A score of 2150-2240 requires a 30-day waiting period. Scores of 2140 and below require a 90-day waiting period. There is a six-month wait to test after two failures to give you more time to study.

    Testing Sequence

    You will take this test over two days. On Day 1, you will complete an information form and take the Language Arts: Reading, Social Studies and Science tests. On Day 2, you will complete the Mathematics and Language Arts: Writing tests.

    Do I get a regular high school diploma?

    No—You will receive a GED® diploma. The Superintendent of the Indiana Department of Education will issue the GED® diploma. The diploma will arrive with the results that you have successfully passed the GED®.

    Who Can Take The GED®Test?

    ·If you are eighteen years old or older and have been a resident of Indiana for thirty days, you are eligible.

    ·If you are sixteen or seventeen years old: 1)You must have an exit interview form from your high school. Home schools need to be registered with the state of Indiana. 2) You need to obtain the signature of a Superintendent of schools giving you approval to take the GED® test.

    Pre-registration is required. To register you must provide:

    1 Photo ID:This can either be a current Indiana driver's license, Indiana identification card, Matricula Consular, or valid passport.

    Two additional pieces of identification such as:

    Indiana car registration, birth certificate, social security card, credit card, current pay stub, marriage license, or current phone or utility bill.

    You will need the $70.00 testing fee in cash or money order payable to Merrillville Community School Corporation. Checks and credit cardsare not accepted as payment.

    Day of Test:

    ·Arrive (15) minutes early both days of the test.

    ·Bring your test payment receipt.

    ·Bring the same photo ID that you brought in to be copied when you registered for the test.

    Special Accommodations

    Special accommodations are available if you have a documented physical, emotional, ADHD or learning disability. There are special forms that need to be completed and approved by the State GED® Administrator before testing. If you need accommodations, you need to contact our office in advance to complete these forms.


    GED®Candidate's Code

    Before The Test

    ·Understand that the GED® Test measures general knowledge and skills obtained through a combination of education and life experience.

    ·Know that the preparation classes and the Official Practice Test are available through local adult education programs.

    ·Before registering, inform Merrillville Adult Education of special needs which may require accommodations for fair testing.

    ·Complete all application forms honestly and accurately.

    Day of The Test

    ·Arrive at least 15 minutes early with the same photo ID that you brought in to be copied at registration and your test payment receipt.

    ·Turn off your cellular phone, pager or similar devices before entering the testing room.

    ·Follow all instructions regarding allowed or disallowed materials and the penalties for testing with unfair advantages.

    ·Cooperate fully at all times.

    During The Test

    ·Listen closely and comply with all test instructions. Make sure to mark the answer sheet correctly and write on the assigned essay topic given.

    ·Respect the privacy of others and their right to test under conditions conducive to success.

    ·Answer all test questions to the best of your ability.

    ·Use all the time available and check your work before turning in the test.

    After The Test

    1.Keep the test questions confidential.

    2.When you have successfully passed the GED® test, keep your diploma and Form 30 score report.

    3.If you did not pass the GED® Test, pursue further study and take the test another time.

    4.Report evidence of unfair testing or altered documents to the GED® Examiner.

    5.Tell others how to obtain information about taking the GED® test.

    Failure to comply with GED® testing rules will result in your test being invalid.

    Merrillville Community School Corporation Adult Education suggests that you use one or more of the following resources to prepare for the GED® test.

    ·MCSC Adult Education GED® Preparation Classes (219) 650-5310

    Internet based resources







    ·GED® Study Guide (Contact your local library or bookstore)


    2011 GED Preparation Classes (90 hours) $59

    Mon – Thurs 6:00 PM—8:30 PM

    Classes are run like a college class. Short term, concentrated and designed to get you prepared to take and pass the GED test as quickly as possible. Upon entry into the program, you are given the TABE test to determine what knowledge and skills you lack to pass the GED test. Consistent attendance is the key to success in this program!

    Class size is limited, so enroll early. After class starts, you cannot enter the program.

    July 5 – September 6

    October 3 – December 7

    CALL (219) 650-5310 for Registration Information.


    Adult and Continuing Education

    2011 GED® Testing Dates



    2011 GED®Testing Dates

    Apr. 25 & 26 4:45—9:00 PM

    May 9 & 10 4:45—9:00 PM

    May 23 & 24 4:45—9:00 PM

    June 6 & 7 4:45—9:00 PM

    June 20 & 21 4:45—9:00 PM

    July 11 & 12 4:45—9:00 PM

    July 25 & 26 4:45—9:00 PM

    Aug. 8 & 9 4:45—9:00 PM

    Aug. 22 & 23 4:45—9:00 PM

    Sept. 12 & 13 4:45—9:00 PM

    Sept. 26 & 27 4:45—9:00 PM

    Oct. 10 & 11 4:45—9:00 PM

    Oct. 24 & 25 4:45—9:00 PM

    Nov. 14 & 15 4:45—9:00 PM

    Nov. 28 & 29 4:45—9:00 PM

    Dec. 5 & 6 4:45—9:00 PM

    Dec. 12 & 13 4:45—9:00 PM


    CALL (219) 650-5310 for Registration Information. YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE THE TEST.
    It is first come, first served.

    Registration: 8:00-11:30 A.M.

    1:00-3:30 P.M.

    $70Testing Fee
    $14 per test (Cash only)

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