Diane Rosenthal
    Orchestra Director

    Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Orchestras
    Ext. 7016   
    Orchestra Web Site
    Mark Danielson
    Director of Bands
    Sponsor of Jazz Band Club
    Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Jazz Impact, Marching Band, Pep Band, Piano & Electronic Keyboard
    Ext. 7015
    Band Web Site
    Thomas Mackey
    Director of Theater
    Sponsor of Drama Club, Sponsor of Thespian Club
    English 10, Theatre Arts, Technical Theatre, Drama Literature
    Ext. 7011  
    Melinda Reinhart
    Performing Arts Department Head
    Choral Director
    Sponsor of Voices of Reason
    Concert Choir, Noteables, Choralteens
    Velveteens & Vocalteens show choirs
    Piano, Musical Theatre
    Ext. 7012    
    Choir Web Site