•  What is peer mediation?

    Peer mediation is a process where students identify, negotiate, and develop solutions to conflicts that arise during the school day. Students are recommended by staff and their peers to act as mediators. The mediators undergo extensive training in a structured process that calls for active listening, reflective paraphrasing, and issues clarification within the context of the dispute at hand.

    How does peer mediation benefit the school?

     1. An atmosphere of peaceful co-existence and a culture of cooperation is developed.
     2. The students learn problem-solving skills and approaches to conflict resolution..
     3. Administrators and teachers can refer conflict-oriented problems to the mediators before they become major disciplinary problems, thereby reducing the number of office referrals and the school's suspension rate.

    Students that are interested in seeking peer mediation should contact Mrs. Maldonado  or Miss DeWald  in Guidance.

Last Modified on June 16, 2016