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    Welcome to Pirate Country and my web site!  As you can see on the right, I teach many courses including CTE and Dual Credit.   I have the honor of teaching some of the greatest kids in the world who are going to make a tremendous impact on society and technology when they graduate from college and enter the real world.    

    Merrillville High School is full of talent and promise.  We celebrate our diversity and those differences are what bind us together as teams whether it be in athletics, academics, clubs, organizations or friendships. 
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    MITA, CTE & Dual Credit 
    Business, Marketing & Computer Science Technology
    *** Business Law & Ethics
    *** Digital Applications & Responsibilities
    *** Principles of Business Management
    *** Admin & Office Management
    *** WBL & ICE Internships
    *** Principles of Marketing
    *** Computer Science III:  Informatics
    *** Computer Science III:  Database Mgmt 
    *     Prep for College & Careers 
    *     MOS Certifications      
    *     IC3 GS5 Certification 

    *=CTE  ** Dual Credit  ***Both 

    • MITA Organizational Administrator
      MCE, MOS, IC3 GS5, ESB Certified
      PCI/ICE Internship Coordinator 
      Dual Credit Instructor
      CTE Instructor

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